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April, 2016, Mayors from the Sea to Sky communities, the Member of Parliament, and the one and only Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party. Thanks to AWARE for hosting a great night of learning about climate change.
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When we first saw our Ski Heaven snowflake we knew we had to have it! A fun combination of nostalgia and art that speaks to alpine tradition in a whimsical and fresh way. Within days Randi and Ron were over to personally hang our new piece above the fireplace and after several months we still couldn't be happier with our purchase. A great conversation piece with new guests, our snowflake is also the first thing we see when we arrive and always seems to say "Welcome back to Whistler!"
Kent and Cindy Alekson


Working with the Ski Heaven team's enthusiasm and attention to detail was a pleasure. Perfect results delivered with a smile. Thanks again for our unique art and functional pieces." 

Gemma Hancock

When it comes to waste, one of the greatest challenges facing the ski industry is and has always been the inability to deconstruct old ski equipment for material resource recovery. To date, there are no options for the recycling of damaged skis and snowboards, therefore all of these items eventually find their final resting place in a landfill. Though these products may not be able to perform on the snow anymore, Ski Heaven has discovered an innovative way to extend their life, using them as a resource to create furniture and other art pieces. In 2016, Ski Heaven up cycled 400 pieces of WB rental waste, helping to divert over 1,200lbs of solid waste from the landfill. 

Taniell Hamilton – Whistler Blackcomb Waste Reduction Manager

Arthur De Jong   - Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Planning and Environmental Resource Manager

We hung the first Ski Heaven Skiflake in our living room today. It looks great- just the thing we were looking for to give our Whistler townhouse that mountain feel. It is so unique and who knew we’d be helping the environment as well. Best thing is that it is light weight and easy to hang up. It really adds the “ pop” to our home that we were looking for. Susan Bird

I received my Ski Heaven artwork as a present. It is so unique, I love it! I put it in my bedroom and every time I look at it, I think about skiing and it makes me smile. I also like the fact that the artist who made it is a local Whistler woman.
Amanda Constantini
Whistler Freeride Club